Contact the H-Cura team on + 91 88700 01377 and we will help you with the registration, onboarding and profile building process.

Once the verification process is complete, download the H-Cura App for Doctors from the App store for apple users or Play store for android users. You are thenready to consult online.

Verifications are done within 24 hours. If yours has been pending for more than 24 hours, then please reach out to us + 91 88700 01377. We will check your profile status and update you on the same at the earliest.

Audio, Video & Chat: The H-Cura App is designed for audio and video consultations to help you connect better with your patients and put them at ease. The chat facility is also available during consultations and will enable patients to share more details with you.

Medical Record & Document Sharing: Patients can upload and store their medical records, tests and other relevant documents in the app. These documents can be easily shared via chat, so you can take a closer look for better diagnosis.

Online Prescriptions: We have created an easy-to-prescribe system with digital signatures and an extensive directory of medications, making it easier for Doctors to generate prescriptions for patients.

Give Detailed Explanations: There may be instances when patients do not understand the context of the chat messages. To avoid these situations, make sure you give detailed explanations to patients via a call to ensure that they have understood you correctly.

Explain the Prescription: While our platform provides details like dosage quantity, timings, etc. please do take the time to talk the patient through the prescription. Patients appreciate the time invested by the doctor in their wellbeing.

Additionally, all the AYUSH/ Homeopathy council laws apply, as applicable.

Your fees will be credited to your bank account as per the timeline chosen by you at the time of MOU signing.

Live consultation is an instant consultation. This feature is designed for Doctors and can be used to showcase their availability. Patients who wish to immediately consult with a Doctor, can choose from the list of doctors available in the ‘Live Consultation’ section and send a request. Once the doctor accepts this request, then the patients will have to complete the payment process to begin the consultation.

Connect. Care. Cure.

With the onset of the pandemic, health has now become our topmost priority. By bringing together the best practices and expertise from the industry, H-Cura is providing a secure and reliable healthcare platform to millions everywhere.

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