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Introducing to you H-CURA, a unique platform bringing Homeopathy treatment to your fingertips. With our app, you can save your travel time and money, while consulting online anytime and anywhere. We can connect you with some of India’s trusted and leading Homeopathic Doctors. Download the app and join our mission connecting care for cure.

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Get Online Consultations From Experienced Homeopathic Doctors

Consult Online, Anywhere & Anytime

Get instant accessibility to India’s most trusted Homeopathy Doctors from the comfort of your home.

Medicine Delivery at Your Doorstep

Experience a hassle-free delivery of your medication delivery to your home with real-time tracking on our app.

Store & Track Your Health Records

Easily access and share your health records 24×7 on one platform.

100% Secure & Easy to Manage

Our easy-to-use app is designed to give you a safe and smooth teleconsultation experience.

Group Consultations

Our unique feature enables you and an attendee of your choice to consult online with your Doctor.

Connect. Care. Cure.

With the onset of the pandemic, health has now become our topmost priority. By bringing together the best practices and expertise from the industry, H-Cura is providing a secure and reliable healthcare platform to millions everywhere.

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AYUSH Medicine & Homeopathy at Your Fingertips

With the wisdom of ancient Indian healing; a mix of history and nature will help you find your balance. Your safety and well-being is our priority and with the H-Cura app, we are making traditional Indian medicine digitally accessible to millions across the world.

Homeopathy – A Revolutionary, Rational & Natural Medical Science

A scientific, safe and extremely effective method of healing practiced across the world, Homeopathy stimulates your body’s natural healing capabilities with remedies crafted from natural elements. To cure the root of your ailment, a homeopath takes into consideration your physical, mental and emotional well-being.

Online Homeopathy with H-Cura

The H-Cura app is bridging the gap caused by the pandemic and enables a safe online consultation with highly experienced Homeopathic Doctors from across the country. You can save time and money by eliminating travelling expenses and waiting time. At H-Cura, we offer Immediate Care, On-Going Care and Specialty Care.

Expert Doctors for Enhanced Healthcare

Talk to a Doctor Today

As the world reels under a dreadful pandemic, we bring together a team of experienced and renowned doctors with different specializations on one platform accessible at your fingertips. Adhering to the safety protocols, our app enables patients to connect with doctors instantly anywhere and anytime.

Meet your New Care Team

With natural and effective health Care that emulates that of a concerned parent, our dedicated homeopathic doctors will help cure your ailments. Connect with a doctor today to begin your journey to a healthier tomorrow!

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Medical Professionals from Different Backgrounds

Dr. Kautuk Prabhu Bhatikar

MD  |  Exp. 16 years

Arthritis, Psychiatric Ailments, Allergies

Dr. Megha Maniar

BHMS  |  Exp. 11 years

Kidney Ailments, Skin Complaints, Gynaecological Ailments

Dr. Nidhi Jamwal

BHMS  |  Exp. 1 year


Dr. Shradha Laxmandas

MD  |  Exp. 7 years

Dermatology, Pediatric, Migrane

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What we Treat at H-Cura

Immediate Care

On Going Care

Speciality Care


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