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We’re Bringing Traditional Indian Medicine to Your Fingertips

We are on a mission to build the country’s most trusted and biggest teleconsultation network of renowned doctors specializing in AYUSH/ Homeopathy treatment medicine.

Trusted Healthcare, Anywhere and Anytime on Your Fingertips.

Online Homeopathy Consultation

Our Story Starts with a Mission to Connect Care for Cure

A modern homeopathy clinic with a reception area featuring a minimalist design and comfortable seating.

Backed by a team of experts and medical professionals from the Indian healthcare industry, H-Cura was founded in 2021 with the purpose of giving millions of Indians access to effective and reliable medical treatments. 

Headquartered in Bengaluru India, H-CURA PRIVATE LIMITED provides a unique digital platform (Mobile and Web Applications), enabling patients to connect with some of India’s leading homeopathic doctors. 

With the many restrictions brought on by the pandemic, the H-Cura app is designed to enable a secure and pleasant experience for both – patients and doctors. Our platform digitally connects the world to reliable AYUSH medicine, and follows safety protocols by limiting social contact.


Make affordable and reliable health care accessible to everyone on one platform that instantly connects the best Doctors at your fingertips.  


To revolutionize the e-health industry by building the world’s most trusted platform for traditional medicine using modern science and technology.

Corporate Governance

At H-Cura, our goal to every stakeholder, business partner and statutory body including Doctors, Patients, Vendors, Associates, Society and Governments, is to ensure fairness, accountability, integrity, transparency and participation.

Why H-Cura

As firm believers of ‘Nature Heals’, we are on a mission to build the country’s most trusted and biggest teleconsultation network of renowned doctors specializing in AYUSH/ Homeopathy Treatment medicine.

H-Cura is a unique platform bringing traditional Indian medicine to the modern digital world, making effective treatments accessible to patients all over the country.

Our platform connects doctors and patients, anywhere and anytime. With the best and effective health care practices by certified doctors, patients can get their ailments cured.all over the country

H-Cura Homeopathy Clinic

Why you should consider Homeopathy Treatment

Due to its unique approach, effective remedies and holistic healing, Homeopathy treatment has an advantage over other medical treatments. Homeopathic medicines triggers the body’s own healing forces, hence each remedy is prescribed and concocted on an individual basis for the best effect.

Online consultation with a healthcare professional
  • Holistically heals your mind and body
  • Dosage is minimum yet extremely effective without side-effects
  •  Ideal treatment for Infants, Children and Pregnant Women
  • Cures viral infections and allergies
  • Excellent for Psychosomatic ailments
  • Goes to the root cause of the trouble
  • Restores body’s vital energy to heal, and strengthen immunity

App Features

A doctor consulting a patient online via a laptop, showcasing virtual healthcare services at hcura Homeopathy Clinic.

The H-Cura Platform which encourages holistic wellbeing through professional and traditional medical treatment was designed on the ‘5-S Model’.

  • Designed for Everyone to Use
  • Latest Technology Enables a Smooth Experience
  • End to End Encrypted to Protect your Privacy
  • No One Can Access Your Data
  • Maintaining and Updating the Platform

How it Works

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Mobile screens displaying hcura Homeopathy clinic website
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Step 3

Start Consulting for a Healthier Tomorrow

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